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The shared-world 

anthology series edited

by George R.R. Martin

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Check out the new novelette "Skin Deep"

by Alan Brennert now available on!

In Alan Brennert’s “Skin Deep,” we see for the first time the events of September 15, 1946, from the viewpoint of someone living on the West Coast of the United States. Trina Nelson is a pretty, popular sixteen-year-old high school student whose idyllic life took a turn for the tragic because of the Wild Cards virus. Now, she wants nothing more than to live out her days in the shadowy anonymity of the Jokertown on the Santa Monica Pier. But life, it turns out, has still another wild card to deal Trina…

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Bill: "I love this story! And I think every Alan Brennert fan will, too. He was not part of Wild Cards until now."

Laura J. Mixon's novelette "Ripple Effects is on!


Nine years after the ace John “The Candle” Montaño first wielded his fire powers as a teenager on the reality TV show “American Hero”, he’s landed a job as the lead investigator for a prestigious arts insurer. His latest assignment, providing security for a traveling art show featuring Satchmo’s golden trumpet, threatens to be a disaster when some of John’s long-buried secrets come calling with a vengeance.

For a unique essay about

rock music in Wild Cards

by Jason Powell:

For Bill's blog about how he has used music in two of his Wild Cards stories:

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See Joker Moon, a new mosaic novel about the Moon Maid, Aarti, who can astrally project herself onto the surface of the moon and paint projections across the lunarscape. 

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See the new edition of Wild Cards XI: Dealer's Choice: Book Three of the Rox Triad!

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