Scholarly works by others that reference Bill, his work, or family:


1. Mak, Derwin, "The Perpetual Foreigner Syndrome in Chinese North American Science Fiction and Fantasy," published in The New York Review of Science Fiction, issue 348 (August 2018) after it was presented at the 2017 Academic

Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy in Toronto.


1. Franking, Holly; Katherine Anne Porter. Mae Franking's My Chinese Marriage.

University of Texas Press (first published October 1991, hardcover.) Annotated edition. Re: Bill's maternal grandparents. Author Holly Franking, deceased, was a first cousin of Bill's.

2. Teng, Emma Jinhua, Eurasian: Mixed Identities in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, 1842–1943. University of California Press; First Edition (July 13, 2013). Re: Bill's maternal grandparents, Tiam and Mae Franking.

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