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Audio book: Hong on the Range

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Proving he's not an outlaw

will be tougher than he thinks!

Rebuilding the American West after it was destroyed in  a series of disasters isn't easy, especially for a "control natural," a young cowboy without any mechanical implants.

In a world where even the cattle are mechanical hybrids, most folks look down on a man who doesn't have at least one bionic hand.

But Louie Hong is determined to make his way in the new Wild West.

All he has to do is explain to the bounty hunters who are after him for robbing a bank, and the outlaw gang that's after him for stealing their loot, that he didn't do any of it. 

With a little bit of luck, and the help of Chuck, his "steerite" companion, Hong hopes to find a home on the range that nobody can take away—not outlaws, not bounty hunters, not cyborgs, not even talking, singing steerites!

"William F. Wu comes across as a great entertainer and creates a dystopian setting

that readers will love and characters they will want to follow. This audiobook is professionally recorded. I enjoyed the narrative voice and how it allows the conversations to come out. The narrator, John Carter Aimone, did a wonderful job of capturing the drama in the story, changing the tone as the characters change. It was a fun ride for me."

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite.

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