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Audio book: A Temple of Forgotten Spirits

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Ghosts, Spirits, and Ancient Gods Live —in America!

"The keilin would not step on any living thing, not even plants. As I watched, it swung its head upward for a moment into a clear profile. The single horn shone slightly in the moonlight."

A Temple of Forgotten Spirits.Audio Cover copy.png

Ghosts, spirits, ancient gods, and folktale creatures inhabit Jack Hong's world—and ours—but he doesn't know it until he hits the road alone across America to follow an ancient Chinese unicorn wherever it leads.

Wandering ghosts need to be put to rest, while other spirits confront Jack about his own comprehension of the world. From a ghostly sailing ship in the sky above Iowa, to the Chinese god of war facing the devil in Mississippi, from a tragic, century-old romance in New York City to a mystical Charlie Chan movie in Hollywood, Jack discovers a part of America he never knew. With an introduction to the episodic novel and author's afterwords with each adventure.

A reader review from "The stories within this set are very entertaining but if you listen to the afterward (sic) of each story very educational. I found the progression of Jack Hong's adventures to be intriguing and I must admit at times a bit frightening as the author's language is very descriptive and with Anthony Lee as the narrator made it more realistic. I throughly (sic) found this series to be one of the best and wishing there was more. I highly recommend this series which I received at Audiobooks Unleashed. This review is honest and unbiased give it a listen or read." Greywolf.stalking. (You can see all comments on this post here:

"To travel with Jack Hong is not only to see the country; it's to see inside one's self."

—Rob Chilson, author of Black as Blood

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