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Click below to see the dynamic new cover for the upcoming Wild Cards volume "Dealer's Choice."


Bill donated his comic book collection of Asian and Asian American characters to the Fales Library and Special Collections at NYU. 

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A Detour into

the Twilight Zone

Bill has had two forays into the Twilight Zone, many years apart—one on TV, one in print.

Bill returns to the Wild Cards shared-world anthology series edited by

George R.R. Martin with a story about diva ace Jade Blossom in Texas Hold'em. In a recent blog, he "interviews" Jade Blossom.

Appearances at science fiction conventions and writers conferences are on hold during the pandemic.

Bill: "The work of these three authors should be better known. I recommend their novels and short stories."

Rob Chilson

P.C. Hodgell

Lynette M. Burrows

Bill has an ongoing storyline in the shared-world  anthology series

War World, created by Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr.


Bill's storyline: 

 John has taken the series forward with new volumes in beautiful hardback editions.


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