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Bill donated his comic book collection of Asian and Asian American characters to the Fales Library and Special Collections at NYU. 

Hong on the Range

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Wild Cards news!

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Three Kings:

A trade paperback edition came out Oct. 29!


A Detour

into the Twilight Zone

Bill has had two forays into the Twilight Zone, many years apart—one on TV, one in print.

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The shared-world 

anthology series edited

by George R.R. Martin

Bill returns to Wild Cards with a

story about diva ace Jade Blossom

in Texas Hold'em. In a recent blog,

he "interviews" Jade Blossom.

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After 30 years! Click to enlarge the new cover for the re-release of Wild Cards volume "Dealer's Choice," out since Sept. 1!

Susan Ellison, wife of the late Harlan Ellison,

died Aug. 3.

Susan wrote a media column for many years, ran their record business and did much more.

Click on the photo for her obit.


(photo credit: Mark Hanauer)

Bill has an

ongoing storyline in War World,

the shared-world 

anthology series that was created by Jerry Pournelle

and John F. Carr.

John has taken 

the series forward 

with beautiful new hardback volumes.

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Bill's storyline: 

The story is a family saga set

in the harsh Northern Plains of the planet Haven, where violence is a way of life.


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