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Bill donated his comic book collection of Asian and Asian American characters to the Fales Library and Special Collections at NYU. 

Donations appreciated


Chelsea 'JC' Streb and her husband John Alan Streb.

Bill: "Chelsea 'JC' Streb, my daughter, died of cancer

Feb. 13. Her family faces costs not covered by insurance. Any help at her GoFundMe page is greatly appreciated."


A Detour

into the Twilight Zone

Bill has had two forays into the Twilight Zone, many years apart—one on TV, one in print.

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The shared-world 

anthology series edited

by George R.R. Martin

Latest Wild Cards News!

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Joker Moon, a new mosaic novel about Aarti, the

Moon Maid, is due out July 6! 

Check out "Ripple Effects"

by Laura J. Mixon on, due out May 19!


Bill's Wild Cards News:

Bill returns to Wild Cards with a

story about diva ace Jade Blossom

in the mosaic novel Texas Hold'em. In a Wild Cards blog, read his "interview" with Jade Blossom.

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"Binge brownies

with William F. Wu

in Episode 134 of

Eating the Fantastic"


Scott Edelman interviews

Bill for this podcast episode:

Hong on the Range

Check out the Hong on the Range

audio book, through

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As of 2021

Star Wars: Bill has a new interview on this site dedicated

to all things Star Wars:

Bill has an

ongoing storyline in War World,

the shared-world 

anthology series

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Bill's storyline: 

that was created by Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr. John has taken the series forward with beautiful new hardback volumes from Pequod Press.